D&D Next: Thunderspire Labyrinth, Part 2

I have updated my D&D Next conversion of H2: Thunderspire Labyrinth. It now runs up to the end of the Horned Hold (map here). I am not sure if there were magic items before, but there are now. The duergar race and racial class is still in, but I did pull monsters that were introduced in the latest playtest packet (like the giant spider and wolf).

As before post any mistakes and suggestions in the comments, as this is mostly a one-man operation and I am sure there are a lot. I am working on some more D&D Next stuff, as well as compiling/adding to A Sundered World (both for 4th Edition, Next, and Dungeon World), and reviewing some submissions for the Dungeon World fanzine, Grim Portents, so while I promise that I will read them, I cannot promise to respond to them.

Thanks to those that have been waiting patiently for an update. I plan on finishing it up and moving on to Pyramid of Shadows, though given that Next only has 20 levels am not sure how I could possibly do all of the adventures...maybe it can be consolidated? At any rate, hopefully you have fun with it.


  1. Thanks. Next up is the Well of Demons.

  2. Are you still planning an H3 Well of Demons remake?

  3. For the foreseeable future I am not writing content for 5th Edition, or at least specifically for it. I might do a Thunderspire Labyrinth conversion for Dungeon World, or even a kind of rehash like I did for Keep on the Shadowfell (which you could use for 5th Edition pretty easily). Just depends on the time, as Josh and I are pretty busy with A Sundered World and other adventures.


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