Dungeon World: The Pirate

The pirate is now up for sale. This one, like the mummy, is Melissa's baby. She started working on it in secret a few weeks back, and after a couple of days revealed what she had been doing in the wee hours of the morning when she got almost all of it hashed out.

Also like the mummy, she did an insane amount of research in an effort to make this class evocative and come alive, and I am both proud of her and impressed by the results: in the end I really only had to reword and tighten up some of the moves, and write some magic items to supplement what she had already created.

As with the ghoul and (again) the mummy it comes with two pdf files:

  • One is a letter-sized character sheet that you would expect to get in your average Dungeon World playbook, along with some custom graphics to make it more pirate-y.
  • The other is a 19-page, digest-sized pdf that lays out the class Dungeon World-style, explains some of the fiction and thoughts behind various moves, and includes new equipment, the aforementioned magic items, and even a couple of compendium classes: the dread pirate and sea-shackled.

All in all it is a pretty sizable haul for a mere $2.50.

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