Dungeon World: Servants of the Cinder Queen

Like many I am sure, I have had a somewhat...rough history with Kickstarter.

Maybe a product comes out later than expected—sometimes much, much later, which I guess is better than it just never coming out at all (which has happened to plenty). maybe it fails to live up to the hype (like Numenera), or maybe it is just not at all what I expected (again, Numenera).

This is why I am giving a shout out to Servants of the Cinder Queen. I provided some feedback and suggestions for this adventure back in April, and while I dug the layout, presentation, and overall plot of the adventure, that is only part of the reason why I am talking about it now.

The other reason is that all of those problems I mentioned above? They do not exist, because the entire adventure is already done, and you can check it out by right now even pretending to pitch in just three dollars. If you like it and want a physical copy? That will run you all of six bucks, which includes the cost of shipping it (in the United States, anyway).

So, not only is it very likely to meet its delivery date (not that it matters since you already get the pdf-sans-art right now), but you can also check it out and see if it lives up to your expectations. If not you can just back out, making it also entirely risk free. Hell, there is enough time to take it for a spin to see if you really like it, and I might do just that.


  1. This sounds like a total blast. Have you been able to play it? And if so, thoughts?

    1. Not yet, but I want to, because it does read pretty well.

      Unfortunately Melissa and I moved a few weeks ago, and we're still waiting on better internet before giving it a go.

      Speaking of which, I gotta call Outreach AGAIN!

      Wheeeee (not really) >_<

  2. Is there any way to buy this post kickstarter

    1. I'm not sure if/how Jason is going to make it available (he hasn't said anything on the KS). From what he said he wasn't going to make much of a profit since almost everything backers gave him was going to the cost of printing/shipping the books.

      I would just ask him BUT: after reading the physical book in depth, I would like to point out that the monsters don't seem to be designed using the DW book (hp, damage, tags, etc are missing or don't match up), and some of the moves and magic items are kind of meh.

      It is, I guess, not bad for the cost (only like $3), but it's not especially noteworthy (definitely reads like a first stab at adventure publishing). The story is interesting to be sure, but other than that...eh. I'm going to give it a run, but I'll have to tweak all of the monsters and most of the magic items to really give them some "oomph".

  3. I'm after a copy of this if anyone has a copy for sale.. email me beasterbrook@hotmail.com




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