A Sundered World: Island Sketches

Given that A Sundered World is the somewhat stabilized result of numerous collapsed planar realities and accompanying rules, the word island has changed to become a kind of catch-all term that includes—for starters—chunks of rock, metal, ice, or bone, a cluster of root-entangled trees or ships that have been tied together, a massive creature, the corpse of a massive creature or entity like a god, primordial, the burnt out husk of an aberrant star, or a combination of the above.

Similar to steadings, islands have tags that describe what they are, how big they are, what lives there, and what they have to offer. An islands tags can help inform you about the steadings, monsters, and dungeons that can be found on it.

A Sundered World, page 111

Back when I was originally planning and running A Sundered World using 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, I put up a few posts with some crude drawings of things I'd been thinking about, like Asmodeus, the corpse star Acamar, and Horizon, the city by the sun.

I've been talking to some people about artists and ways to handle the art, so rather than just try to explain things and hope they get what I'm talking about, I figured I should save everyone some time and hassle by scribbling up a kind of setting art-bible thing.

Today is islands:

Mostly not to scale, and I'm really trying to drive the point home about the subjective gravity thing.

You've got part of a corpse star shell (with some empty eye sockets and a temple), the wrist of a god (with godsteel sticking out), a small island with just a tree, an island with part of a mountain and some mining/docking stations on the bottom, some kind of root thing that I might have considered making into a tentacle thing at first, etc.

I think next up I should work on the races, specifically the really weird shit like cthon, devas, and kytherans.

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