The Trollfens: Ghost Town

  • Alys Raine (Marshall, Manor of Ravens)
  • Lindel (Stalker, Crown of Destiny)
  • Ravaella Lightfoot (Conjurer, Shadow of Nerekhall)

Since it's just the two of us right now, we decided to give one of the The Trollfens mini-campaign from Descent a shot.

Initially she tried with just two heroes, but after a swift and crushing defeat Melissa added a third one, swapped another out for someone with more mobility (originally both had a Speed of 3), and gave it another go; the second time around she was able to just barely limp out the exit with the one hero that was still standing.

The point of this quest is to locate a surviving villager and carry him out before the monsters kill him. To do this you have to remove at least five of the eight objective tokens on the map, which represent dead bodies. The Overlord snags tokens by having the master fleshmoulder use an action next to one to drop a fatigue token on one, and then on the next turn can opt to turn any objectives with a fatigue token already one them into minion fleshmoulders.

The heroes on the other hand have to spend an action flip them, check the color, and depending on the color must make either a Knowledge or Awareness check. If you pass, you get the token, and if you fail you just have to try again.

After at least five tokens are removed, whoever has the most gets to choose one of two spots for the survivor to spawn (the Overlord decides on a tie, which is what I was gunning for initially). A hero next to the survivor can pick him up as an action and carry him about: you need to get off the entrance or exit tile to win.

Things looked somewhat grim early on: I had Alys locked on one of the center tiles and was beating the shit out of her with focused harpy, and Ravaella wasn't doing much better since I kept tearing apart her mirror images. About midway she was able to snag a couple tokens with Lindel, and eventually I decided to just spring the survivor by turning the tokens I had fatigued into fleshmoulders, confident that I could just annihilate him since I still had all the non-respawnable monsters, and a surplus of minion fleshmoulders.

After a lengthy string of misses—and no Overlord cards to reroll them—Melissa was able to get Ravaella over to the survivor, pick him up, and rush around the outside of the map almost all of the way to the exit before I finally took her down. Unfortunately—for me, anyway—Lindel was able to pick him up and fatigue rush out the door.

I think the best strategy for this one would be to run forward and try to slaughter the master fleshmoulder. Yeah, the Overlord can respawn him, but he's the only thing that can nab objective tokens, so as long as you keep taking him down and picking off other monsters the Overlord will eventually run out of critters to throw at you (he can only respawn a master fleshmoulder or harpy).

I'd definitely make you have one or more heroes with a really good Knowledge and/or Awareness (which is why Melissa chose Lindel and Ravaella). Just be aware that the Overlord doesn't have to turn a body into a fleshmoulder right away: I dropped a fatigue token on a few and popped them all at the same time. That's another reason I recommend rushing the master and taking him out as soon/often as you can.

Next up is Food for Worms. I'm hoping to get Bol'Goreth in mini form and paint him before we play it.

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  1. Look at tht big colorful map!
    Those *barely* wins make for pretty fun sessions.
    And I see you're pretty up to date in painting the figures. I'm way behind, and seeing SoN and the Oath pack in queue its pretty discouraging.

    1. Well...we've kind of skipped some of the original stuff. I only got around to painting the elementals some time last week, and I still have to paint a zombie, goblin, and barghest (I only painted the bare minimum).

      Waiting for the newest set to come out, the one with meduesas and golems I think.

  2. "he can only respawn a master fleshmoulder or harpy" - Actually the OL respawns the open group at the entrance.

    Love the painted figurines too. I wish I had time and money to use decent paints but oh well!

    1. It's been YEARS since we played Descent. We actually sold most of our stuff at a garage sale due to a combination of not having enough shelf space and not playing it. If you want some pre-painted minis we still have some of the characters and maybe some monsters. Just hit me up at Cost would be $1 per mini, plus whatever S&H is.


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