Dungeon World: Playbooks of the Dead in Print!

You can finally get Playbooks of the Dead in print!

(For those of your that already purchased the pdf and can be contacted via Drivethrurpg, check your email for a discount coupon.)

This is a compilation of the undead playbooks we've written over the course of this year: The Ghoul, The Mummy, The Skeleton, and The Vampire, all assembled and organized into one softcover book (which you still get in pdf format, along with all of the custom letter-sized character sheets).

To be clear, aside from a few pieces of art there's nothing in here that you won't find in the individual playbooks. I just know that many gamers prefer having the book in your hand, and while our playbooks are consistently large enough to qualify for printing we wanted to avoid charging people something like five bucks (plus shipping and handling) just to get one.

If there's enough interest in this, then I could see bundling up more playbooks into one book for printing purposes (so let us know if that's something you'd like to see). Anywho, here are some product images to tantalize you:

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