Super Dungeon Explore Christmas Eve Hangout


Spawning Points & Monsters
  • 2 Shallow Graves
    • 1 Dust Coven Necromancer
    • 2 Dread Knights
    • 2 Dust Mages
    • 6 Boneheads
    • 4 Rattle-Bones
  • 1 Pumpkin Patch
    • 1 Crypt Spider
    • 2 Curse Coven Witches
    • 4 Skullbats
  • Captain R (mini boss)
  • Von Drakk / Nocturne (boss)

Since everyone's understandably busy today we won't be playing Expedition to Castle Ravenloft w/ Dungeon World, which is why Melissa, Chris and I decided to do a board game Hangout last night.

The heroes eventually won, though I did pull some punches now and then by having some monsters just shuffle about (especially skullbats, which I fucking hate because they rarely do anything useful), spend most of Captain R's initial turns slapping more loot on (as well as activating him first so that they could try and kill the others before they could go), and using the dust mages and dust coven necromancer to raise bone piles.

To be fair I also forgot to activate monsters now and then, because the board was overwhelmed with enemies most of the time and it got pretty confusing: there was one round where I was only able to spawn two or three out of eleven skulls worth of monsters. Same goes for the Von Drakk spawning points effects (rotate the board after destroying one), but that's more because we were going to do a Dungeon Delve and then a third person got added.

Anywho, next board game hangout is most likely going to be Descent, either one of the co-op adventures (there's apparently a new one available!) or Labyrinth of Ruin.

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  1. was a lot of fun, looking forward to Descent.

  2. Speaking of that, here's the wiki:

    We own everything aside from the Second Edition Conversion Kit heroes.


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