The Forgotten King: Von Drakk's Manor

  • Celestial Herald
  • Fae Alchemist
  • Questing Knight
  • Twilight Knight

  • Von Drakk's Manor

Spawning Points
  • Grabby House x2
  • Shallow Grave x2

  • Gruesome George
  • Death Spectre
  • Shadow Mode Candy

  • Von Drakk

This is the first four-man team we've done in a long while. Everything went fine up until we smashed the first Grabby House, and then Gruesome George clobbered the Questing Knight to death. It took a bit for us to get around and snag the Princess Coin and get him back in the game.

The second death happened while we were trying to get to the third tile: the Fae Alchemist got all the Wrath using Potion bombs (which gave her Wrath right away), rolled bad (barely killed anything), and then got mobbed. Luckily we not only had a second Princess Coin, but the Ladder spaces helped her cross the tiles without even having to move much.

All things considered it was a pretty smooth crawl: Von Drakk never even shapechanged, all the Bone Pile tokens were on tile two when the Timeout occurred, and there weren't even many eligible undead in the spawning pool to boot.

Gruesome George is kind of a pain, what with his STR and ARM going up with each Wound he has. At least if he accidentally suicides doing his Signature Action, you still get the Treasure card (unlike Minions and Elites that burn to death).

Death Spectre isn't nearly as bad as he used to be: instead of dealing automatic damage per attack, one of his attacks deals 1 Wound per star you fail the roll by. Sounds really bad, but it only dealt two Wounds to the Questing Knight the one time he used it.

Fae Alchemist is pretty awesome, what with all the Potions and AoE bombs.

I was disappointed to see the Celestial Herald lose her Spray attack. It's now a Lance effect, which is still nice, just not nearly as cool as the Spray was. Also just noticed that she can use Will for Defense. I guess that's useful in case no one plays a caster.

Twilight Knight was also fun: her Feint ability made it so that with a bit of +1W STR Loot, I was able to auto-hit any of the monsters on the first two tiles no matter what was rolled (of course I'd still roll, just to see if I'd get Hearts or Potions).

When there's more Wrath to go around it's harder to manage. Normally we'd have one Hero act, followed by the Hero that we actually want to have all the Wrath, but misses had a greater impact: on several occasions the most vulnerable Hero ended up being the target (except for the one time the Bully Command Card was drawn).

All good things to know for the upcoming Arcade strategy article.

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  1. I enjoy your SDE posts. I need to get over my sticker shock at the price and just buy it.

  2. @Edward: Thanks! Definitely go with The Forgotten King, as it has rules updates for the original game AND a fully coop mode. If you dig it, THEN look into getting the original for the tiles and other minis (TFK has conversion cards).


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