A Sundered World: Colored Art Update

A few days ago I posted a small art update for A Sundered World. Today I'm re-posting those illustrations, this time in color (courtesy of Melissa), along with a few more!

Greedy cambion riding on her frog spirit.

Scion nomad prepping an elemental grenade.

Kytheran warlock with the outer god pact.

Scion invoker

Current illustration count is now over 50. All of the illustrations will be made available as an art pack with minimal restrictions as to what you can do with them (basically like our other art pack). It'll probably run $9.99, maybe a tad more.

Something else to note is that the entire book will be available in full-color (and, somewhat related, hardcover). As with the rest of our products, getting the pdf gets you a B&W one as well, in case you wanna print anything out and conserve ink.

If you get either the softcover or hardcover, you'll also get all of the pdfs.

We're currently holding the third Trick-or-Treat sale: until the 23rd you can pick up The Witch at 31% off!

The Monk is now available. It's a very flexible class, crammed with nearly thirty advanced moves (plus all the other extra content that we're known for), so we made another tweak to our character sheet layout in order to make it easier to remember what stance is active, and what it does.

Grave Goods is the latest magic item compilation in our 10+ Treasures line. If you want nearly 30 undead-themed magic items, some monsters, and advice on how to make your own, pick it up!

Lichfield is available for public consumption. If you want a concise adventure with a Silent Hill feel, be sure to check it out! Primordial Machine is also out, so if you want to catch a glimpse of A Sundered World, now's your chance! Finally, we've updated If These Stones Could Scream.


  1. These Illustrations look damn good. The hype grows!

  2. The Kytheran warlock is my favorite so far. The Scion Invoker is my second although at a first glance it looks like he is wearing shorts :p.

  3. @Jcheats: There's hype about this thing? o.O

    @Victor: Ha! I can see that. Chainmail shorts: if bikinis are good enough for women, why not? :-P

  4. Well, in the 4E game I ran, our Deva Invoker wore nothing but an extra-long chainmail shirt. So, at least the Scions have the wisdom and discretion to wear pants?


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