Awful Good Games: Month-Long Sale!

Since my birthday is on the 13th of May, for the entirety of the month we're marking everything down by 13% that can be marked down. I think most bundles (especially All of the Playbooks) will still give you a better deal, but if you just want one or two things there ya go.

The cleric class one our latest Dungeon World class vote, beating out the barbarian and blackguard by 2 votes. As a bonus, we'll also be doing a paladin to go with the cleric: if you want to get a preview of both and/or provide feedback in exchange for a free PDF, make sure you have me and/or Melissa circled on G+, since that's where we do our open feedback calls.

Almost done with a big-ass update to the public FrankenFourth playtest doc. I'll be updating the original doc, so if you see a bunch of new/changed things in there, that's why.

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