Dungeons & Delvers: Spacecraft

Kyrinn S Eis wanted us to put spacecraft (among other things) in one of our Appendix D issues, so here's some concept art for one of the designs I came up with (I wanted to avoid doing an airplane-in-space design):

The main part is a kind of rounded puck surrounded by a ring that serves as the main thruster. The ring can rotate completely around the puck, or the puck can rotate while the ring remains stationary (in case you want to look around while still going in the same direction).

There are sensors on the front (main lens plus four others that probably have various additional options/functions), and four lasers that can slide front-to-back, allowing you to independently attack from most directions (assuming there are at least two gunners inside).

It lands face down, and you just crawl out of the other side.

And some actual statistics:

Size: Medium (Isn't the same size categories as normal creatures. Spacecraft that can only handle one person would be classified as Tiny.)
Crew: 1/2 (First value is the minimum necessary for the ship to operate at all, second is the max it can reasonably accommodate. Could probably stuff a third person in but it wouldn't be comfortable.)
Life Support: 8 days total (or 4 if you have two people)
Speed: 3,500 feet; flying (hover)
Max Speed: 12,000 feet

(Not really sure how to handle Speed: most vehicles like this will be able to easily outpace even the fastest creature. The above Speed is how fast it can go after a period of accelerating: it can't just instantly zip up to 12,000 feet and immediately stop, though I couldn't find information on how fast, say, a fighter plane can accelerate.)

Armor Class: 12
Maneuverability +2 (Going to add in a Pilot skill. This modifier determines the maximum Pilot skill value that can be added to AC, and also Reflex saves. So if your Pilot skill is +1, you can add +1, if it's +2 you can add up to +2, but if it's higher you can still only add +2.)
Damage Resistance: 15 (Really high DR to account for ships doing more damage with their attacks, fighters can't chop it apart easily if at all, but wizards throwing fireballs can still damage them because I think that makes sense. Plus I think it'd be cool if the fighter got some sort of DR-ignoring sword and starting hacking through a space ship like nothing.)
HP 50 SP 20 Total 70 (HP is hull points, which need to be repaired, and SP are shield points, which replenish during a short rest.)

Targeting modifier +2 (This modifier is added to gunner's Attack Bonus and Dexterity, represents targeting systems assisting in aiming.)
Laser Cannon (4): Range 5,000 feet; 4d8+Dexterity fire damage (armor piercing 5) per cannon (Range is insanely long so I'm wondering if there's a need to even specify in these instances. Armor piercing is also pretty high so that it won't take ships forever to shoot each other down. Right now a cutter would blow up another cutter in about 8 shots on average, or roughly 2 rounds if using all four cannons on the same target.)

What do you think? I've only really played Star Wars, so stat-wise anything you think it's missing? Suggestions on what to change/remove?

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After months of doing other things, we turned our attention to and released The Warden. It's based on the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons class of the same name, but judging by the responses we did an excellent job converting it over.

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  1. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090407224519AAMJkR5&guccounter=1

    was reading this it sited a value of 10.43 m/s*s and that was supposedly best seen? sounds reasonable

    1. Thanks for digging that up! I figure that'll work for a kind of baseline at least. This is high tech future type stuff anyway.


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