Dungeons & Delvers: Copper Dragon Concept Art

Awhile back I talked about how we want to handle dragons in Dungeons & Delvers, and showcased concept art of a Huge blue dragon that was a mashup of snake, bird, and crocodile. This time we have the first stab at a concept for one iteration of the copper dragon, a former dwarf cursed for his greed.

I wanted him to look as if his helmet and armor had been bound to his flesh, and warped along with him. Can't see the tip of the tail, but it would look similar to an axe or hammer.

While his breath weapon is charged, the pillar-like growths on his back crackle with electricity like Tesla coils: lightning arcs between and off of them randomly to strike nearby creatures and objects. When agitated stormclouds gather above him (this is just going to be mentioned in flavor text for the GM to run with if they want to). Despite his lack of wings he can still fly--also as long as his breath weapon is charged--due to some combination of good ol' fashioned magic, and something like electromagnetics.

His breath weapon is both acid and lightning because I liken it to barfing up the contents of a battery, which is why he loses out on some abilities after using it: he needs time to build up more acid.

Here's the stat block:

Level 14 Large Dragon
XP 672
Speed 40 feet; flying 60 feet (only when breath weapon is Recharged)

STR +5 DEX +1 WIS +1
CON +3 INT +2 CHA +2

Intimidate +7, Perception +6

AC 14 (DR 2)
Fort +6 Ref +1 Will +4
Immune lightning
Resist acid 20
WP 98 VP 28 Total 126

Multiattack The copper dragon makes a bite attack and two claw attacks.

Bite +8 to hit; 2d6+5 piercing damage (AP 1). If the dragon's breath weapon is Recharged this attack also inflicts 1d6 acid and electricity damage, and if the total attack roll is 20 or higher and it inflicts WP damage the target is Corroding (1d10).

Claw +8 to hit; 1d10+5 slashing damage (AP 1).

Tail Swift Action if the copper dragon moves, Reaction after being attacked; every creature and object within a 10-foot cone behind the dragon suffers 2d8+5 slashing damage and is knocked Prone if they are Large or smaller. A successful DC 18 Reflex save halves the damage and negates the Prone condition

Storm Halo Creatures that move within 10 feet of the copper dragon, or start their turn within 10 feet of it suffer 3d6 lightning damage (ignores DR from metal armor). The copper dragon loses this ability while its Breath Weapon is recharging.

Breath Weapon (recharge 5+) 30-foot cone; every creature in the area of effect must attempt a DC 15 Fortitude save. On a failure they suffer 10d6+8 acid and lightning damage, and if the attack inflicts WP damage they are Corroding (1d10) and Dazed for 3d4+2 rounds. If they succeed they only suffer half damage.
At the end of their turn, creatures can attempt a Fortitude save to end both the Corroding and Dazed conditions (roll once for each condition).

1d6 x 1,000 sp worth of copper dragon blood, 3d4 x 1,000 sp worth of copper dragon scales, 2d4 x 10 dragon teeth (worth 10 sp each)

Lair 5d6 x 1,000 sp, 2d6 x 500 gp, 1d4 x 50 pp, 2d4 gems, 50% for another 1d4 gems, 2d4 art objects, 50% for another 1d4 art objects

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