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What the fuck is Inverse World, and why you shouldn't buy it
The short of it is that Inverse World was a piss-poor Kickstarter project that the author not only failed to delivery anywhere remotely close to on time, but couldn't be bothered to fulfill any of the (to be fair pretty exaggerated) promises made in the project's description.

In failing to do so he not only lashed out at some of his supporters, but his fanbase made sure to shout his undeserved praise everywhere to make you think he churned out something worth any amount of money.
  • An Inverse Opinion: My original review of this lazy, anemic, uninspired hack job.
  • My Criticisms Run Deep: My response when the author's "fanbase" tried to drown out my criticisms, and remove my DTRPG reviews.
  • Inverse World Accelerated Review: Apparently Jacob couldn't be bothered to write his own crap, he had a friend of his write this. Given the lower page count that is largely eaten up my shitty fanfic, blank pages, and a reprint of the FAE rules, it sure smacks of "accelerated".
  • Quinnspiracy, Integrity, & Yes More Inverse World: Not every one plays ball, or plays with balls to get good reviews. No, sometimes they just have their fans try to stamp out dissenting opinions. That, or they have a "magazine" that they are supporting via Patreon give him a good review.
  • The Cultist Controversy: This is more like related reading. Jake and his buddy Paul piss and moan about how I copied Jake's cultist class, despite mine having a completely different focus, moves, and way better content. It's SJWing at its saddest! As a bonus, one of the Gamer XP writers displays an expected lack of self awareness.


  1. So What the Fuck IS Inverse World about? All I know is that you don't like the author or the product. I need more a review and less of a rant.

    1. Oh shit, I didn't know people to reply to the pages!

      Anywho, I did review it under An Inverse Opinion, but the short of it is that Inverse World is a hollow earth-esque derivative. That's it, down to the floating islands and sun.

      It was late, anemic, and in line with everything else Jacob's pushed out.

  2. Hi David, are you still planning to put up Ravenloft conversion notes for Dungeon World?

  3. @Rusty: That got backburnered when we started working on Sundered World. If you want I can send you what I DID get done.

  4. jesus u sure like to complain alot

    1. Jesus, you sure are late to the party and obviously butthurt. :-)


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