The Mummy - A Dungeon World Playbook

Normally when people die their souls are claimed by Death and dragged across the bleak threshold of the Black Gate. What awaits them, who can say: maybe it transcends into some heavenly realm, maybe it gets reincarnated...or maybe there is only a cold oblivion. It is this unknown that instills mortals with fear.

Not you.

Through status, sacrifice, or knowledge Death no longer holds any dominion over your fate. When you die your soul will be unconstrained by its cold hands, free to travel between the land of the living and dead as you wish. For you death is not an end, but merely a new beginning.

You've returned from the land of the dead to plague the living. In addition to a frightful presence and potent curse, you're unkillable: your enemies might chop you apart and light the remains on fire, but in time you'll come back.

This product comes with two files:

  • The first is a digest-sized book that contains everything about the mummy, new tags, new weapons, armor, and dungeon gear, magic items, moves, and a director's cut that further explains the class.
  • The second is a letter-sized character sheet.





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