A Sundered World: Episode 107

  • Iron Jack (male human Essentialized-warlord)
  • Danh (male goliath serpent shaman)
  • Lothelle (female moon-pie elf bladesinger)
Continuing their trek up the mountain, the characters find the stairs barred by what looks like a massive collapsed pillar. There is a fortification build into the mountain, which they ignore while trying to find a way past the rubble. Lothelle fails again and again to find purchase, and they are ambushed by orcs atop a cliff. They kill all but one and question him about the mountain, but he proves to have little information except that what dwarves still exist are not hospitable (not in those words, as I don't think orcs have a word for that).

They explore the fortifications and learn that the pillar is a focus for a powerful cannon. Further up the hill, they find another cannon with missing controls. They camp for the night and are ambushed by a dire boar, whose meat seems to instantly refresh them despite getting virtually no sleep. Eventually they find a fortress, and while exploring it are surrounded by dwarf skeletons.

Behind the Scenes
Nothing much to say here, except that it was another short session. It was actually from last week, and due to conventions we will not be playing next week, either.

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