Dragon's-Eye View: Appropriate Armor

I chose "whatever he or she wants". While I get that the traditional wizard or sorcerer is often seen wearing something between a robe and a bikini, it really should depend on a combination of the race, culture, location, and character's preference. A wizard in the jungle probably won't be wearing a robe, and might be indistinguishable from any other explorer. The same goes for a spellcaster in a cold region; she is probably piled under enough furs to equate to leather armor (which it very well could be depending on how armor affects spellcasting). In fact I think that in most cases where a spellcaster is out adventuring she should not be clad in a robe (or revealing outfit).

Frankly, none of these guys are dressed for the occasion.
I'm not a fan of the design of either the first image or the photorealistic one at the bottom, though I did like a lot of what I saw in Lords of the Rings and on A Game of Thrones. I am hoping for something with a good combination of function and style, as well as balance between genders. The side-by-side of the man and woman wielding a club and sporting a shield was okay, except that if they are both supposed to be warriors then why does the woman look so much more frail and passive (and, well, less armored). At least there are not any armor-nipples.

Baby steps, I guess.

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