A Sundered World: Episode 106


  • Iron Jack (human drinking warlord)
  • Danh (goliath serpent shaman)
  • Lothelle (moon elf bladesinger)
The characters make a direct line for Moradin's forge. On the way they are attacked by an astral kraken, which they escape from by throwing a lightning shell into its mouth and having Lothelle disrupt the binding magic, and a githzerai caravan making a return trip to the Elemental Chaos. They purchase a few potions and warn them about machines before leaving.

They find the location of the forge without further incident; the mountain of ancient Celestia, eternally beset by a storm. The clouds darken the skies, which are only briefly illuminated by frequent blasts of lightning. They manage to find a ransacked village, but the seas are too wild to keep the ship docked and so the characters end up swimming to shore so that the rest of the crew can move the ship to a safe distance.

They note that the buildings are of dwarven make, and are apparently so old that they have actually eroded over time or have been smashed by something very big. They find nothing of value, and begin the trek up the mountain on a set of water-worn stairs. After hours of hiking they settle down for the night, and Danh miraculously discovers a mostly try area in the mountain side.

During Lothelle's watch, she hears creatures outside through the rain. Something speaks to them in Draconic, then she is blinded by light and deafened by thunder. When he vision clears and her hearing returns, there is nothing but silence. The party waits until they have finished resting before investigating; they find a crater blasted into the stairs, charred skeletons, and melted metal. Danh identifies the skeletons as orcs.

And with that, we called it a night.

Behind the Scenes
We ended up having to run on Thursday, so this was a very short session. I will say that I was pleased with the creativity in dealing with the astral kraken. We aren't gaming this week, so I have some time in trying to think up something for them to do while here; I would like for them to spend a few sessions exploring and interacting before leaving. If you have any ideas, post them in the comments. :-P

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