D&D Next: Thunderspire Labyrinth, Part 1

Here is the first part of my Thunderspire Labyrinth conversion for D&D Next. It took awhile, but I wanted to wait for the next playtest update, take some time to read through it, and try make sure that things were more accurate, and see what kind of rules and content additions we would get (I am pretty happy with how close my iterations of spiders, lizard, and troglodytes were with the "official" stats).

Unfortunately, the removal of the sorcerer and warlock meant that I stopped working on my demon origin and infernal pact (Baphomet), though the duergar race and racial levels are still in (and I am working on a demon-binder arcane tradition). Victor (aka The Planeswalker) has not finished the final draft of the Seven-Pillared Hall, but most of the locations I mention are in the middle. It is not terribly important, anyway.

Anyway, let me know what you think. I changed a lot of the plot, hopefully for the better. If you notice any mistakes or have any criticisms, feel free to comment on it.


  1. Thanks for writing this up! Having just finished the Caves of Chaos module for Next I wanted to try something other than the Isle of Dread, this is fantastic... We're going to start his adventure tonight :)

  2. I also did a much more complete rehash of Keep on the Shadowfell.

  3. Yeah I saw that as well. I want to run that adventure but my party is already level 4 so I figured they'd breeze right through. Of course I could always buff up stats/swap or add monsters to make it level appropriate...any suggestions?

  4. With D&D Next because there is not a lot of scaling, all you should really need to do is increase the number of monsters. Of course, you would also want to boost the treasure up a bit as well.

    Since the adventure was supposed to be for levels 1-3, you could really pad out the catacombs under Shadowfell Keep. Maybe throw in a demon or do some kind of zombie attack against Winterhaven.


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