Dungeon World: The Oni, New Bundles, and More Sales!

The Oni is now up on DriveThruRPG!

This one took waaay longer than expected, what with the—among other things—art commissions, a semi-exclusive adventure for Mythoard, working on A Sundered World (almost got some more art to post, and Melissa's giving it a thorough proofread), and tweaking a few other games.

I guess one of the upsides is that Melissa was able to take it for a spin.

Not only does the oni start out tougher than other characters (even without armor, maybe even especially without it), it can change its shape, turn invisible, and take hapless victims out Predator style (sorry, no plasma caster).

As you level up you can choose to improve on your existing abilities, become stronger or tougher, or even learn some new tricks: devour souls, possess people, enable yourself to better protect your friends, and more.

This one, like The Cultist, uses our revamped character sheet, and like everything else we've done there's a digest-book to go with.

It includes a list of asian-themed weapons and armor, some of which are essentially reskins of existing weapons and armor, because Dungeon World doesn't do granular mechanics, but a few are entirely new (like the kusarigama). There's also some new dungeon gear, like healing saki and bundles of scrolls, three new magic items, a variant invisibility move, and a bunch of extra moves.

New Bundles & Deals
Not only has The Oni been added to our All of the Playbooks Bundle, we've got a few more bundles to offer:

Finally, throughout the month of April every 10+ Treasures volume is on sale!

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