Mythoard: April Signups Are Open!

You can now signup for April's Mythoard box, which will include, among other thingsLichfield, a semi-exclusive adventure for Dungeon World.

I've already talked about it in two other posts, but essentially it's a 30-page adventure that's inspired by the Silent Hill series (hence the name, as opposed to the longer ones I've used in the past).

In a nutshell the main villain is a dead witch, who hellishly transforms both the city and most of its citizens due to her aforementioned affliction. The characters get caught up in this, and have to stop her before the city is destroyed.

The adventure comes with:

  • Four ways to use the book (as a one-shot, adding it to an existing campaign, etc) and start the adventure (doing an actual witch hunt, just arriving in the city, etc).
  • The witch formatted as a danger.
  • An overview of the city of Lichfield (using my steading-stat-block), which includes a map, some of its citizens, places of interest, location moves, and so on.
  • A similar treatment for Lichfield after the curse takes effect.
  • Random building contents and floorplans (in case the characters try to hide in or loot buildings).
  • A customized treasure table specific to this adventure.
  • A new magic item (that you'll have to pry from the hands of one of the monsters).
  • Four new monsters (five if you count the actual witch), each drawn from the witch's experiences, fears, and hatred (no, none of them are nurses).
  • A small dungeon, which includes a Silent Hill-esque puzzle.
  • An explanation of the Order of Ayash and Hydra Trading Company.
  • A discount link for The Witch.

This adventure is a semi-exclusive, meaning that if you don't get it now you'll have to wait until October. Mythoard has removed their monthly cap, so in the interest of seeing how many they can get, for every 50 people that sign up between now and the 10th I'll add in another discount link for something else I've written. If it happens to be something we offer in print, it'll apply to that, too.

As another added bonus, if it gets to 200 subscribers I'll throw in The Witch for free, and if it gets to 300 I'll throw in something else for free.

So, if you want it sooner than later, along with some discounted (and possibly free) extras on the side, sign up now.

This is my second contribution to Mythoard (the first being 10+ Treasures), so if you like this (and/or liked 10+ Treasures), and want to see more of my stuff make it in future boxes, be sure to let Jarrod know.

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