Another Mythoard Semi-Exclusive Teaser

Last week I posted a teaser for Lichfield, a semi-exclusive, Silent Hill-esque adventure I've written for next month's Mythoard box (semi-exclusive as in you'll be able to pick it up separately in October).

This week I figured I'd talk about some of its contents.

The meat of the adventure runs about 30 pages. It is largely intended to be a one-shot, and there are several options on how to start it, one of which can extend its duration if you want to stretch it over several sessions, or maybe make it into a mini-campaign.

Being heavily inspired by the Silent Hill series, it takes place almost entirely in the city of Lichfield. It's actually not a bad place to live until a curse takes effect, transforming the city into a hellish furnace, and most of the citizens into scorched monstrosities.

Here's some of what's included in the adventure:

  • A map of Lichfield, before and after the curse takes effect.
  • Location moves for both versions of Lichfield.
  • Random building contents and floorplans (in case the characters duck into a building).
  • A treasure table customized for this adventure.
  • Five new monsters (including the witch), drawn from the witch's experiences, fears, and hatred. No, there aren't any nurses, but one of the monsters is unique and carries a new magic item.
  • A small dungeon warded by a Silent Hill-esque puzzle.

Since the adventure features a witch as the main villain, it's also going to feature a discount link for The Witch (and when it goes on sale individually in October, previous buyers of The Witch will get a discount link for the adventure).

A Pirate's Class For You!
DriveThru RPG's GM's Day Sale might have ended, but for the rest of the month we're marking down The Pirate (which is a Best Silver Seller, so you know it's good).

As I mentioned in this post, The Pirate boasts our new character sheet layout (which you can also see on The Cultist): let us know what you think!

Mind you this is in addition to the "classic" sheet, so if you don't like the new one you can always stick with that one (though we'd like to know what you don't like about it).

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