RPGaDay: What Story Does Your Group Tell About Your Character?

As I've said numerous times I rarely get to actually play roleplaying games, and the only gamer I routinely talk to face-to-face with is Melissa (unless we're gaming with our kids, we only play via Hangouts). So, I again went to her with this question, and funnily enough I for some reason had this exact scenario in mind when she answered, even though it wasn't really my character.

It happened during I think the second time we played Dungeon World, well before I saw the crappier side of the community and started publishing things. I'd originally rolled up a halfling fighter, because it was something I hand't played and I knew I could milk that whole "+1 to defy danger when size matters" move pretty much all the time (though Josh had me change to a D&Dized kobold later because he doesn't like halflings).

Melissa was playing a druid of some sort, and I think Kamon was also there, but I forgot what he was playing. That's not important, what was important was that at some point we were chasing someone for some reason, and Melissa had to go away from the table. I took over her character, which started a trend that still haunts her to this day: cool shit happening to/with her character when she isn't around.

We chased the guy into the sewers, but he managed to get far enough ahead that he had time to close and lock a grate behind him. Being a fighter and all I might have tried to force it open and failed, because what definitely happened was that Melissa's character had turned into a snake so she could just ride around on us during the chase. So, I threw her through the grate, then had her change into a horse mid-air and kick the grate down. Since the druid shapechanging move is basically "roll+WIS to get 1-3 auto successes", Josh probably felt that it was horse-y enough that she just had to spend 1 hold.

Default druids only revert back to their human form after spending all of their hold, so the other two characters (Kamon's and mine) hopped on and I probably spent another hold to "run really fast" in order to catch up with whoever it was we were chasing.

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