RPGaDay: Character Moment You Are Proudest Of

I wanted to tap Melissa for an answer to this one, but it was basically, "Any time I make a plan or try to do something and the dice don't fuck me over". This is probably because the dice often fuck her over.

You'd think that since I so rarely get to play it would be easier for me, but the last character I played for a meaningful length of time was a gnome thief named Mouse in a Dungeon World campaign, and he did a lot of cool shit.

In maybe chronological order, here's what I can remember (and you can take your pick):

  • Poisoned a bandit leader with goldenroot, causing him to trust my character and allowing me a chance to literally backstab him later.
  • Later poisoned a troll with golden root, and got it to ally with a group of dwarves or maybe humans against a troll horde.
  • Probably poisoned more things with goldenroot, but can't remember any more except for the paladin character (it was the reason why he trusted my character).
  • Took out a bunch of trolls all by himself (because DEX is a broken stat in Dungeon World).
  • Took out a bunch of elves, lit a mill on fire, and escaped from the whole mess with a single hit point left (I really didn't want to use a healing potion).
  • Smashed a boat into another boat, which flung Mouse through the air and allowed him to backstab a troll in the head on his way down.
  • Bargained with a wolf spirit trapped in a magic belt, freeing it in exchange for its help against a witch...
  • ...which gave Mouse enough time to backstab the leader of a bunch of bad guys, just before he killed the paladin.
  • Managed to create a useful distraction via pulling random levers and pushing random buttons.
  • Killing the leader of an elven army (took his tongue as a trophy right before he died, was not considered meaningful treasure).

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