Character Builder...Glitch(?)

Last night Adrian came over and after a few minutes of flipping through Dungeon Delve, decided that he really REALLY wanted to run the level 30 delve. I'm adept at running a four-man party by myself, having long since committed all of the lower-level powers from the Player's Handbook to memory.

I think that Adrian's desire was fueled by the challenge of seeing if I could actually man my own epic level party, coupled by the fact that I own a colossal red dragon that I never, ever used.

Now, the highest level legit character that I have is a level 8 longtooth shifter barbarian, so the logical step was to crank her up to 30. When that took a lot longer than I expected, I figured that to speed the process along that I would just have the Character Builder roll out some quick builds for me. In the end I supplemented my original character with a warforged fighter, eladrin wizard, and a half-elf cleric.

We managed to start the delve, and it went on for almost a round before I realized something: for some reason, the Character Builder decided that the fighter just had to have about a million multiclass feats. His basic attacks were only at +27 to hit, compared to everyone else having over +30. His Armor Class was on par with the barbarian, and he was totally prepared to supplement his melee skills with various cleric, warlock, and wizard powers, all at around +17 to hit. The feat selection was likewise a joke, picking Armor Specialization (hide) despite the fact that there was no hide armor on the sheet at all.

With that, we gave up on the notion of running the delve that night. It was past 11 and I wanted to maintain some kind of rough sleeping schedule. Maybe next time, when I have time to build my own functional characters.

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