Digital Insider 2/11/2009

According to latest Digital Insider column, the monk will be appearing in Player's Handbook 3, with a playtest article popping up sometime in May. I've never been a fan of the monk. Not because of the allegations that it "doesnt fit", but because mechanically it just sucked. Neat concept, bad mechanics.

I'm pleased that so far 4th Edition has introduced old classes that I either wasnt interested in (clerics and paladins) or thought sucked mechanically (rangers and bards) and turned them into something viable and functional. Now, I am interested in trying out a bard. Hell, the player in my group who played a bard for 12 levels and though it sucked wants to try one! Hopefully they will continue this track record with the monk.

Other than that, we're supposed to get a set of feats, backgrounds, and paragon paths themed around assassins in March, as well as new familiars in April.

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