DDI: March Calendar

The March calendar is up, and the content looks nice.

Ever since they dropped a third of the bard and summoning magic into one of the Ampersand columns, I've been looking forward to those.

The PA/PvP podcasts are getting rolled out on the same day Dungeon gets updating, so now I have a reason to look forward to those.

Sharns are apparently getting an ecology article, which has reminded me to figure out a way to include them in my non-Forgotten Realms campaign.

Not sure what The Art of the Kill is all about, but my guess is assassin-themed exploits. Same goes with the Bestiary article. They should really put a name with that so we have an idea of what to expect.

I'm interested in the Design & Development and Party Building 101 articles, but then I'm a sucker for design content.

Also, there is a playtest for Martial Power 2 coming out at the end of the month.

Its shaping up to be a good month, especially since the term ends about the time PH2 comes out.

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