Dragon Age: Origins Character Builder

If you absolutely cannot wait until the game launches, you can fritter away your precious time by making characters. Not sure if characters made with the program can be ported into the actual game when/if you get it. If so, its not a complete waste of time. I spent about half an hour messing with all the sliders to see what sort of bizarre features I could "bestow" upon my horrid creations. To the game's credit, I find many of the available options to be palatable to my vision, though the hairstyles mostly fall within the range of stupid and fucking ridiculous.

While eye candy does not a good game make, as I'd feared the initial options seem much too limited for my taste. Three races, and they cannot select from all the classes? Why cant dwarves pick mage? Its just stupid and arbitrarily limiting. It feels like OD&D, and I'm none too fond of that. Hopefully the class options are diverse enough to span the gulf.

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  1. "It should be boted each class has a 'prestige class' of sorts they can take a 7 ad 14th level, call specializations. Each class has 4, and can take 2 of the 4. I thought the options were rather limited as well, but the specializations help fill that space."

    "Of course, I'm more concerned with the game having more options than the character creation. The character options bothered me at first, but then I realized, if I play three characters, I can explore most of the options without a lot of overlap, and I doubt I'll play the game more than three times through."


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