Failed Perceptions 2

And its time for another issue of Failed Perceptions. This one was done for Wyatt, who specially requested this power. I was happy with the first panel, but then due to time constraints had to gradually rush through the last two. As a disclaimer, I think I'm pretty good at drawing, but I'm neither a professional artist nor comic art-dude.

So here's our plucky rogue, using his totally 4wesome and radical power, bloody path. His words literally bleed with conviction, and his dagger is called Pain Chain. I also found that laser-background-whoosh effect thing. You can see it now.

The boneclaw is confused cause he has Threatening Reach and didnt get to attack the rogue, and now is beginning to think that maybe he still doesnt understand the opportunity attack rules.

While bloody path is a magical compulsion that causes you to attack yourself, the boneclaw was feeling particularly emo about not getting his opportunity attack, and thought fuck it, I'll just carve out my brain and go play 3E/3.5E/3.75EPathfinder. He died because the rules dont say that undead can live without brains. Remember kids, exception-based design kills you. Kills you mega-dead.

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