Dungeon: The Chaos Scar

Looks like Wizards is rolling out another campaign that is about a meteor plummeting out of the sky, destroying a large amount of real estate, and attracting lots of monsters of various level and alignment ranges (mostly Unaligned through Chaotic Evil, kplzthx).

Its more or less supposed to be player driven, heavily supporting the, "Say yes," mantra. The DM provides description and exposition, then lets the players loose to do whatever it takes to destroy the meteor. My main problem is that from what I've read, there isnt really any reason to do this. Sure, its gathering up an army worthy of Mordor, but they arent really doing anything. Mebbe its just a very proactive stance?

Adventures out of Chaos Scar as supposed to be ran with minimal prep time, which is good, but then most adventures are setup that way. Its also remote and modular enough to be dropped into any campaign, which is great for Points of Light buffs like myself. Normally I'd say tough shit to the crowd using prepublished campaigns (like myself) since you dont know how far spread its going to end up being, but the stated campaign goal is very simple and straighforward: get to the end and kill the meteor. So, hooray for Diablo 2-like simplicity?

I think its an interesting feat they're attempting here. Very flexible in terms of player choice, easy to port into any campaign, but the end-game goal is given right from the start. Hrmm...well...the first adventure is out, so I guess I'll go read that and see how it goes.

Not sure if the campaign is fully worked out, since they are accepting submissions for it.

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