At the Mines of Madness Adventure

Here is the first adventure in the Tendrils of Fate adventure path, At the Mines of Madness. It's written entirely by me with some maps redone by Victor (aka ThePlaneswalker) and takes place in Eberron (specifically the Shadow Marches). Unfortunately since its not an "official" adventure by WotC the production value is shit and though I did some proofreading I'm sure I missed a lot of things.

Frankly, I'd consider at best to be a heavy outline of information to use as a framework and modify to taste. Also, I don't think that I can post stat blocks for some of the monsters (even though its not commercial), so you'll have to have access to either Adventure Tools (recommended) or the Monster Manual books. Don't worry, it'll tell you which ones and for what monsters.

Finally, if you dig it and would like to see more, lemme know in the comments. This took quite awhile to cobble together, so if you really like it, donations are appreciated!


  1. Maybe it's just because I've been stuck with really bad LFR campaigns for a bit, but I found myself completely taken by this idea. I really love this arc; it has a very compelling series of plot hooks without seeming heavy-handed and manages to keep a very nice sense of unity. I'm a little bit saddened that I found this so late into its course, but I'm definitely going to follow it.

  2. If there's enough interest I'd be happy to post up the rest of the adventures as I finish them. :-)

  3. I really dig this Antioch, looking forward to more!


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