Winning Races: Dwarves

This Winning Races article is presented "Essentials-style", in that all the feats within are lumped into thematic categories instead of on one vast table. This has the advantage of allowing you to quickly choose your feats based on what you want for your character instead of having to peruse literally hundreds of feats, and since I enjoy building characters around a theme this new model holds a lot of appeal for me. The three categories in this article are Giant Slaying, Dwarf Stamina, and Steady as Stone.

The Giant Slaying feats function against all Large and larger critters, allowing you to do stuff like constantly gain combat advantage against them or deal extra damage when flanked, or deal extra damage on a crit. Clangeddin's Axe Expertise gives you a scaling attack bonus with all axes in addition to letting you reroll damage dice against Large-or-larger creatures, but unlike Dwarf Weapon Training doesn't give you proficiency with all axes and hammers.

The Dwarf Stamina feats let you gain poison resistance, use a second wind twice per encounter, or make a save when you use second wind. Again, especially useful for dwarves, but I can see a few being good for most any defender.

Finally, the Steady as Stone feats are either limited to dwarves or mostly useful for dwarves. Quick Steps gives you a Speed increase, while Solid Footing lets you ignore specific types of difficult terrain (both very handy in making your dwarf more mobile). Knock Back isn't explicitly for dwarves, but allows you to automatically prone an adjacent enemy whenever you make a save to avoid being proned yourself, so without magic items I don't see it being particularly useful to anyone else.

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