The Shadows Over Greyshore, Part 1

The party decided that their best course of action would be to head towards Greyshore. Though they all knew it to be an impoverished fishing village, they figured that they could at least get a boat and get back to Zarash'ak that much quicker. On the way they were ambushed by more bullywugs (consistency!) and got stuck in the middle of an ankheg hunting ground. While the bullywugs were a random encounter, the ankhegs were planned and I'd drawn up a sloping depression with a pool in the center, surrounded by numerous man-sized tunnels. The idea was that the ankhegs could use the tunnels to drag people into, making it difficult to be attack unless a character went into another tunnel to try and find it.

That didn't happen, as Josh's seeker immobilized one and allowed everyone to destroy one before going after the other. I didn't even get to grab anyone or re-enter a tunnel to surprise them later. Oh well, at least I got to use acid spray a few times before going down.

Once they got the tumbler removed from the water, they met Obed, purportedly a high priest of the Devourer who was heading to Shardpit from Greyshore. The party was understandably paranoid, asking him all manner of questions to try and ascertain his intents. They found out that he was going there to purchase some relics discovered in a mine, something that Randy realized couldn't be true because of the time it takes to walk to Shardpit and the fact that everything was dug up only a few days ago. Even still, Liz wanted to see the guys stash of ancient valuables and they tagged along.

Once they got to Greyshore, Obed said that he would look into getting them a boat, and that they could stay at the inn for free. Once at the inn, they immediately set out to search every room for traps, secret doors, or latent magical effects. They realized after examining every room that the furnishings were far too expensive for "an impoverished fishing village", which got their paranometers off the charts. They figured that they should just leave,  which triggered a combat encounter with the handful of patrons and barkeep. Using restraint they incapacitated them for questioning, discovering that everyone in the place worships Dagon, with the usual monologue that they wouldn't make it out alive.


  1. I love the Ashenport adventure, I hope you and your players have as much fun as we did.

  2. In a way this adventure is similar to Ashenport. I'd considered using the fishmen, but their elementals and not aberrants, which is what I need. The influence of Dagon is there, but the campaign is going to about face in a new direction.


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