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As part of a side-project, I copied the level 2 delve "The Broken Tower" from Dungeon Delve. Here's what I got:

I might have mentioned before that there aren't a lot of tokens to use, so I had to use the orc and hobgoblin to represent a bugbear and goblin underboss. The tile library also didn't have the 1x1 gong, a 2x1 broken alter (or even an alter, for that matter), or a 2x2 throne. Thankfully, you can draw that stuff in, though you get a very small assortment of colors to choose from. Again, this is Beta.

Here's a zoomed in shot of the second floor, with the visibility mask removed:

You can place hidden notes for yourself, as well as public notes for all the players to see. I generally use public notes for "Features of the Area", and to call out certain objects so they know what it is (in the case that I have to draw them in). Private notes let me easily reference what an object does, or a skill DC. You can also make monsters and entire sections invisible to the players. This is good for monsters using Stealth, or letting you gradually reveal the dungeon as they explore the area.
My major complaints are lack of ability to import monsters and characters from the compendium. Though I think I'm starting to figure out what format works the best, it's a pain in the ass if someone else makes and adventure and writes things up differently. Also, the whole keying it all in by hand is a nuisance in general.

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