D&D Next: Homebrew Compilation 1

I have taken almost all of the D&D Next homebrew content I have written up in the past few months, edited and updated some of it, and consolidated it into a single pdf that you can download here. It has not been tested, only compared to what has been done before and what we have seen so far, so any feedback is nice.

Here is what it includes:

  • Gnome and tiefling races (with horned devil, kyton, and succubus heritages)
  • Cultist and hunter background
  • Spellsword specialty
  • Barbarian and bladesinger class
  • Sorcerer storm heritage
  • Infernal and star pact for warlock
  • New spells for the wizard and warlock


  1. Hey there,
    I'm really glad someone else than me is already tinkering with the DnDNext sytem. I'll be reading your blog more often !

    Sadly I didn't played (yet) anything up there but it's good stuff, seems balanced and well-constructed at first sight. If I play any of theses options (or my players) I'll give you feedback.

  2. Glad to hear it. :-)

    My group is really digging D&D Next, and we are planning campaigns using it, so a lot of this stuff is to give us better odds that we can play things that we want instead of having to wait.

  3. Oh, and I know I messed up on the barbarian and spirit boons; they refresh after every encounter in a similar way to how warlock favors refresh.

  4. Double-oh: What stuff have you been doing?

  5. Up to now I tried to tackle a Shadow-Pact Warlock. I admit I was inspired by your take on a infernal warlock.
    Warlocks are now so full of flavor, they are really fun to design.

    You can see it here http://youngwizardmusings.blogspot.ca/

  6. Yeah, I am glad they are putting more flavor content in and playing up the role of the patron.

  7. how does the animal companion trait of the hunter background works?


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