D&D Next: Star Pact Homebrew

Rounding out the warlock pacts. I dug the binder from 3rd Edition in concept if nothing else, and loved warlocks and hexblades in 4th Edition. I initially wanted to base the pact off of something from the Cthulhu mythos, but then thought that something actually D&D--in this case the gibbering mouther--would make more sense.

Star Pact: Cho’athonaug
The Sovereign of Whispers is an amorphous mass of eyes and babbling mouths that drifts deep within the Far Realm. Those willing to risk their sanity can occasionally glean powerful secrets.

Level 1: Cho’athonaug’s voice fills your mind as an endless torrent of garbled words. With effort you can sometimes sift through the words and glean useful information. You sometimes whisper seemingly random words or short phrases.
Benefit: You can spend one of your patron’s favors to gain advantage on Intelligence checks for one minute, but you gain disadvantage on Wisdom saving throws.
Level 3: A needle-toothed mouth grows somewhere on your body. It sometimes mutters cryptic phrases and mimics your speech, making it sound as if there are two or more voices speaking at once.
Benefit: As an action, you can force the mouth to gibber incoherently. Each adjacent creature must make a Wisdom save (DC 10 + your Intelligence modifier) or suffer disadvantage on attacks and checks until the end of your next turn.
Level 5: Your body becomes slightly amorphous. Your movements become slightly awkward, and your joints sometimes bend in unnatural ways, which can be used to your advantage.
Benefit: As an action, you can spend one of your favors to reduce the damage you take by 1d6 until the end of your next turn.

Warlock Invocations

Incantation of the Outer Gate
Lesser invocation

You open the outermost threshold of the Far Realm, allowing only a portion of an alien entity to intrude.
As a consequence of knowing this incantation, tendrils seem to write beneath your skin.
Effect: You conjure the tentacle of a Far Realm being within 50 feet of you. It is Medium-size, and attacks a creature within 10 feet of its location that you can see. On a hit, the creature takes 3d8 bludgeoning damage and is restrained until it makes a Strength check to escape.
Thereafter, you can use an action to make the tentacle attack another creature within its reach. The tentacle remains for 1 minute before vanishing back to the Far Realm.

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