A Sundered Fragment: More Character Stuff Preview

About a day after A Sundered World was released (as well as a pdf that just has the race and class stuff for people that just want the race and class stuff), we'd already begun working on the first supplement (along with a bunch of other stuff, as usual).

Not sure what we're going to call it yet, but it's basically geared towards players, adding more races, race moves, class moves, advanced moves for races and classes (some of which require specific race and class combinations), maybe a new class, and gear (which includes rules for piloting enthollows and jotuncases).

Here's a B&W WIP of the ishim section:

This is what happens if you take the 6-10 advanced move Higher Calling: you ascend to the rank of cherubim, which is large, can fly (which lets you move through the astral much more quickly than normal), has a powerful claw attack, cannot be surprised, and can see through any lie.

I'll tease more as more art gets done, but if you have anything you'd like to see (or see expanded upon), lemme know!

A Sundered World is out!

The Fighter is geared up and ready to go! Unlike the default Dungeon World fighter, your skills matter more than your special "can sometimes be lost but not really" weapon. There are a variety of fighting styles to choose from, including the ability make a DEX-based fighter.

Grave Goods is the latest magic item compilation in our 10+ Treasures line. If you want nearly 30 undead-themed magic items, some monsters, and advice on how to make your own, pick it up!

Lichfield is available for public consumption. If you want a concise adventure with a Silent Hill feel, be sure to check it out! Primordial Machine is also out, so if you want to catch a glimpse of A Sundered World, now's your chance! Finally, we've updated If These Stones Could Scream.

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