Dungeons & Delvers: A Crawl Through a City in the Shadow of Death, Part 2

Picking things up where we left off, the adventurers have explored most of the dungeon's 1st-level (though we won't have time to finish it until after Christmas due to everyone being sick). Here's the updated map:

They've skipped a few rooms, but still found a bunch of treasure (gotta think of things for adventurers to spend their cash on). They also had a few close calls: the barbarian got knocked out a couple times, the frog was left teetering at 1 Wound, and at one point while resting they were attacked before the barbarian was back on her feet (they decided it was better to risk getting attacked while resting, as opposed to trying to leave the dungeon and chance more random encounters).

We ended up stopping when they stumbled across another adventuring trio, also wounded and exhausted. Will they team up? Help them escape (or achieve some other goal)? Fight?

Behind the Scenes
Reducing the barbarian's starting Might to a d8 has made things go much more smoothly, for me anyway: she's not plowing through hordes of enemies and easily blocking most of their attacks right out of the gate (to put things in perspective, other adventurers can't get a stat up to d10 until 5th-level).

Also, the current rules for mob attacks aren't as good as I thought, as in too many instances a bunch of monsters would attack the barbarian and she'd just block them all (even after the Might nerf). The original idea was to make it so that, rather than have a bunch of monsters futilely beat on a character with a high Defense Pool, they could combine their efforts to essentially make a single big attack.

It worked out well enough in the Hemskil campaign, but in this combat-heavy stress test the adventurers were far more resilient than I'd like. I changed things mid-game, so that adventurers had to Defend against individual attacks, and now the barbarian is actually taking damage. No one's died, yet, but at least now they're gradually getting worn down the longer they explore.

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