Dungeons & Delvers: Red Book Roper

I don't think I've ever used or ran into a roper, so I was surprised to learn that their tentacles drain Strength. I did know that they live underground and can look like stalagmites, and while statting them up for Dungeons & Delvers I was reminded of the mimic octopus's ability to change its skin color and even texture.

We decided to run with that, giving ropers the ability to change their skin texture to copy patterns and formations nearby, making it even easier for them to blend in. We also gave them the ability to compress their body and squeeze through small openings, making it easier for them to get about, flee, and hide in narrow crevices.

Aside from those additions and dealing bonus bite damage when attacking someone restrained by their tentacles, they're pretty close mechanically to their D&D counterparts. Here's their B&W art:

Most of their body is covered by a kind of fleshy hood or cloak, and this is what the roper alters to hide itself. Once something gets close, the front of it parts, revealing its eyes and mouth. The tentacles emerge from behind and underneath the flesh-cloak part. Regardless as to what it looks like, ropers still feel rubbery: I tried to convey this a bit by showing some of the drapery bending around the eyestalks.

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