A Sundered World: Acamar, The Corpse Star

In a Sundered World most of the aberrant stars drift in the Deep Astral, having escaped the Far Realm since the Living Gate was destroyed. Where they go they herald destruction and insanity, warping reality and birthing nightmarish horrors that can strip one's sanity with a mere glance. Though many were destroyed before, during, and even after the Dawn War their shattered corpses are still dangerous; aberrants cling to them like parasites, and deranged cultists flock to them in hopes of rousing any lingering vestiges of intelligence or finding some way to restore them to what passes for life.

Since I plan on having my players go here at some point, I don't want to reveal too much about the corpse star Acamar. Suffice to say, it is hollow, surrounded by a ring of debris from when it was slain, and has a massive city constructed on part of it:

Oh yeah, astral sharks.


  1. Thanks. If this campaign goes somewhere I'ma render it in charcoal to make it look better.

  2. It seems Galactus had a snack. ^_^


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