Thunderspire Labyrinth, Episode 3


  • Amne (female dragonborn)
  • Kariok
  • Riven
  • Shen
  • Stirling
After resting the characters learned that the Bloodreavers competed against the duergar at the Grimmerzhul Trading Post for the slave trade. They made a deal with the duergar to help "take care" of the Bloodreavers while Riven--who was watching the prisoner--ended up dealing with some Bloodreavers who noticed that he was guarding one of their wagons with their members. They gave them some money while trying to cart the cart off after some heated exchange and met up with Amne, a dragonborn ranger whose sister was taken by the Bloodreavers.

Thanks to the duergar's map they were able to find the Chamber of Eyes with no difficulty, and after killing the guards realized that the slavers were being run by a beholder. They made a deal with the Bloodreavers to take care of the beholder in exchange for Amne's sister and to stop preying on Winterhaven's villagers. The killed the beholder and made it back to the Hall with the Bloodreaver's word and Amne's sister in tow. The session ended with them running into a robed figure in a gold mask flanked by a pair of bronze minotaur golems.

Next Episode: The Mage's Request

DM Notes
This was a short session that marked the introduction of a new player, unfortunately via Skype since the player giving the ride didn't make it. Despite the slow pace things went unexpected as the characters decided to deal with the Bloodreavers to help them with their beholder problem instead of just slaughtering them all. True to their unaligned nature, they were content to make a verbal agreement with the Bloodreavers and just walk away with one slave. In addition to adding the beholder I also had the hobgoblins mention that the duergar had captured one of the mages, and were planning on forming an alliance with the Bloodreavers to help take the Hall.


  1. I've got some characters heading into Thunderspire myself on RPOL. Any chance you have your notes together yet?

  2. RPOL? We stopped playing, but I'll work on getting what notes I made up for it.


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