Rebuilding Thunderspire Labyrinth: Demonic Minotaurs

Continuing with the whole "minotaurs can eat hearts and gain strength" theme, I wrote up a couple other minotaurs to include in the Well of Demons bit near the end of Thunderspire Labyrinth; respectively they are the results of eating the heart of a vrock or canoloth.

Thinking of making a soldier variant of the demonlasher that uses the tongue seize power to drag marked enemies back or trip them if they violate the mark.


  1. I stole and used your two minotaur variants in my home game recently. They worked really well and I think I'll be including a mini-campaign surrounding them and their origins in the paragon tier. I also added two of my own, a Deathgaze Minotaur (with limited Beholder action) and Trollheart Minotaur (a large brute with Trollish regen, of course).

    Anyway, just stopped in to say thanks for the ideas and stat blocks.

  2. Though it might not be relevant, I am redoing Keep on the Shadowfell--which has a greatly expanded kobold lair and keep--for 5th Edition. If there is enough positive reception, I plan to go through the rest, too.


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