A Sundered World: The City by the Sun

As I mentioned in my draft post, during the Dawn War almost all of the gods and primordials destroyed each other, before the world was in turn destroyed. One of these gods was Pelor, and the remains of his body--a massive, brilliant sphere of divine energy--is now the location of a multi-tiered theological city that for now I am just calling Horizon (until a worse cliche or something actually inspiring hits me).

The primary purpose of this city so far is to largely serve as a home base for the campaign. It is seen as a light in the darkness, as a shield against evil forces such as the gith, rampant demons, disassociated angels, astral storms, and other hazards of the Astral Sea. This makes it ideal as a trading post where travelers from other cities visit to trade, re-supply, and even hire adventurers for voyages seeking lost dominions, remnants of the primordials, or realms from beyond the Astral's edge.

The priests worship his remains, which they can draw from to perform miracles, enchant items, and even attract the services of angels. They are interested in holy relics--whether magical or not--especially those tied to Pelor, giving adventurers an easy way to cash in art items and the like that they find while venturing in the Astral. Other organizations seek to use the energy as a weapon, absorb it to attain godhood, or restore Pelor to his former form.

Here is a rough, unfinished sketch.


  1. Oh man, that is really, really cool. I love the sketch, it's really evocative, and I especially like the way that the floating island sits perpendicularly to the sun - in contrast to how gravity suggests. It really shows you that this is a magical world.

    I like the idea that Pelor's remains serve as the Sun for this world. I hope if you don't mind if I steal this idea for an upcoming campaign.

  2. Thanks! That was just a really rough sketch to help better convey what I was thinking: I will replace it with a better one later. If this kind of campaign-craft appeals to people, let me know and I'll keep pitching stuff as I think/play (ideally we will be doing the prologue tomorrow).

  3. This kind of post certainly appeals to me. When I saw the original post, I thought "meh, Spelljammer", but I really like what you've done with it. I think there's a lot of space for an original setting there.

  4. Awesome. Then I am going to keep expanding it as I develop more and run it.

  5. Hi, I was wondering if I could use your picture for a video game?


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