A Sundered World: Inspiring Images

While re-playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow last night, I reached Necromancer's Abyss. Simply put, this level is awesome. Actually a lot of the stuff in this game is awesome, but the floating rocks and drifting pieces of broken titans was inspiring. It could give me something to show my players to give them a better feel for what things looked like, as well as help describe things.

And then there is also stuff from Magic: The Gathering.


  1. Art from Magic: the Gathering is always top notch and can be quite inspiring. The recent Innistrad expansion is awesome for Shadowfell adventure images.

  2. Yeah Innistrad has got my working on a horror-themed adventure using Barovia (I actually bought whatever box has the card book just for ideas), which I am dropping in a remote region of Nerath.


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