A Sundered World: The Feywild

Seeing as how in my improv session my players ended up on the moon (or back, in the case of Lothelle), I guess I should flesh it out some more. This is how things have been going for my latest campaigns: I have a vague idea of what is going on, get the dirt on the characters, and start weaving a story based on a combination of what they tell me I want to do and what I want to do with it.

Kind of reminds me of my high school days, when a bunch of friends and I would be crashing at someone's house, and someone would be like, "I have an idea, roll up some characters!" In a sense it is liberating because I do not have to think of an involved plot right away, but it is also frightening because I worry that my spontaneous ideas and direction will fall flat. If my college habits are an indicator of anything, I guess that it is I tend to work well under pressure.

So...the moon.

During the Sundering the archfey implored the spirit of the moon to save them. It agreed to help, and the archfey used their magic to "unravel" the Feywild from the natural world before too much of it was destroyed, and then "wove" the planar fabric to the moon. So the moon is a vast, gray waste spotted with thick forests, frozen mountains, and wild rivers. The Unraveling and Weaving were not perfect, so the orientation of fey cities and regions are not where they were (not that time and space had much meaning). Some things were also badly ravaged, so forests of spindly white, tree-like shapes and pools of silvery fluid are not uncommon.

The courts still wage their political wars, and the Winter Court's efforts hinder Summer's attempts to spread life across the moon. Due to limited space and resources (and sometimes ideologies), tribes of were-creatures and centaurs clash with the eladrin. The werewolves of Brokenstone Vale are especially violent, believing the moon to be their patron god and that it rightfully belongs to them.

To make matters worse not only did the Feydark get carried along for the ride, but it was also not put back in the right spot, so there is now a region of the moon riddled with jagged mountains and fissures that descend into the Feydark (not sure whether I will call this the dark lands, shadowlands, or something else). Mithrendain is a temporary fixture here, much as it was before, and helps prevent fomorian armies and clans of rampaging lycanthropes from spreading. The Feydark is a hollow space within the moon that is slowly growing as the fomorians expand, which has the side effect of damaging the moon's spirit.

Reaching the Feywild can be done if one manages to spot the moon as it swiftly orbits the Elemental Chaos, though its path carries it through both the Inner Sea and the dark reaches beyond, so the best bet is to find a fey city within the Astral that has a gate.

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