10+ Treasures: Wonders of the Wyld

10+ Treasures: Wonders of the Wyld, our third magic item compilation for Dungeon World, is now on sale over on Drivethrurpg! There's also a bundle that lets you snag all three volumes at a reduced price (and if you own the first two, check your email for a discount coupon).

The first volume, 10+ Treasures, was largely a random collection of magic items without any particular theme, just whatever happened to pop in my head at the time.

It was so well-received that I wrote a second volume, which I predictably titled 10+ Treasures: Volume II. This one was similar to the first in that it included whatever I could think of at the time, though there were several items with a Lovecraftian "body-horror" element.

That one caught up to the first volume's sales in a fraction of the time, so I decided that a third one was in order. This time I wanted to go with a theme, something that you could consult for a particular type of adventure or campaign, namely the forest, its denizens, and the fae.

There's a staff that infects people you strike with fungus, which can gradually kill them (and you if you aren't careful). If it does, then they reanimate as fungus zombies that you get to boss around. There's a night-powered "moon-saber" that becomes progressively more powerful as the moon becomes full. There are fungus spores that you can sprinkle on a corpse, causing it to sprout mushrooms that if you eat allow you to experience the deceased's memories.

All told there are nearly 40 magic items, which is a step up from the previous two volumes, but in addition to an increase in quantity we've also increased the quality with a few simple tweaks to the layout. Here's a side-by-side comparison (the one on the left is from the second volume):

I used to just slap on a page background to try and spruce the pdf up a bit, but some people asked for no background to save on ink for home printing (or just personal preference). So to make things easier this time I've included three pdfs: one has no background at all, and the other two have either a black and white (the one above) or color background.

You don't have to choose: you get all three just by purchasing it.

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