A Sundered World: Kobold Art & Some Other Stuff

So Melissa just finished coloring the kobold, which means that it's time for me to get back to drawing. I'm going to do the tarchon next, because one of the players in our current Sundered World campaign—play report is nearly done—is playing one and I haven't really decided what they're going to look like.

Quick question: which coloring style do you prefer? Flat colors (as seen above), the water-color look of the cambion and deva, or maybe something in betwee? We're going to offer the book in four different styles (depending on whether you want the pages and/or art in black of white or color), but I doubt I'm going to convince Melissa to color all of it two or more different ways.

Product Milestones
A couple of our products hit some really awesome milestones over on Drivethru RPG this month: The Spider is now a Best Copper Seller, while The Witch has made it to Best Silver Seller.

Our thanks go out to everyone that's supported us over the past year and a halfish, including those that have given us awesome feedback and criticism: you've both helped us do better, and even set a better standard.

Next month (ie, tomorrow) we've got a few sales we're going to run for that whole Valentine's Day thing.


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  2. Congrats of the Best Selling Silver for the Witch.
    I picked it up too even though I don't play Dungeon World.

    It's a really cool book. I am sure I'll find something in there to use in my my Old School games!

  3. @Timothy: Thanks (especially sine you don't even play DW)! As the go-to guy when it comes to witchery, I'm glad we were able to make something that meets with your approval. Also, thanks again for pointing us to the Sacred Texts site. :-D

  4. I like the flat coloring style more.

  5. @Delos: Maybe we should hold a vote on most preferred style?


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