Dungeon World: The Psion

The Psion is now on sale over at Drivethrurpg!

(It's also been added to our "all of the playbooks" bundle.)

Conceptually it's very similar to the psion from 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, in that it focuses on telepathy and telekinesis, though I personally preferred the astral shaping powers. So, might have to do that later.

Where it differs is that you don't spend any power points (the moves either do what they do, or you roll+INT to see how it goes), and there are overall fewer options to choose from (which isn't surprising since Dungeons & Dragons sure does love it some spell lists).

The upside is that there's no nonsense per day limitation: you can either always try to use your moves, or in some cases (like Copycat and Telekinetic Flight) just always use 'em.

The class starts out being able to manipulate objects with a thought, pepper your enemies with mind bullets, communicate telepathically (and even poke about the minds of creatures that know something they don't want you to know), and hear the surface thoughts of nearby minds.

The advanced moves let you move larger objects more quickly and easily (and slam them into enemies), communicate with multiple creatures at once (and even allow them to communicate with each other), tear your enemies apart with a thought, dominate the minds of others, fly, steal memories, and even learn moves from other party members.

And, as with our other playbooks, it also comes with a digest-sized pdf that features some move explanations, new weapons, armor, gear, a few poisons and magic items, and five other advanced moves.

So what are you waiting for?

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