Wonders of the Wyld in Dead Tree Format (And a Sale!)

You can now get 10+ Treasures: Wonders of the Wyld, our currently latest volume of magic items for Dungeon World, in print (if you already purchased the pdf, check your mail for some discounts). You can also get all three 10+ Treasures volumes in print format at a discount.

Unlike the previous two 10+ Treasures volumes, this one follows a theme: the forest, its denizens, and the fae. We think that will make it a more useful resource, whether you are running a thematically similar campaign, an adventure features those elements, or just want a more consistent sampling of items.

There's a staff that infects people you strike with fungus, which can gradually kill them (and you if you aren't careful). If it does, then they reanimate as fungus zombies that you get to boss around. There's a night-powered "moon-saber" that becomes progressively more powerful as the moon becomes full. There are fungus spores that you can sprinkle on a corpse, causing it to sprout mushrooms that if you eat allow you to experience the deceased's memories.

All told there are nearly 40 magic items, which is a step up from the previous two volumes, but in addition to an increase in quantity we've also increased the quality with a few simple tweaks to the layout. Here's a side-by-side comparison (the one on the left is from the second volume):

Product Milestones & Sales
A couple of our products hit some really awesome milestones over on Drivethru RPG last month: The Spider and The Bard (missed this one during the last few posts) are now Best Copper Sellers, while The Witch made it all the way to Best Silver Seller.

Our thanks go out to everyone that's supported us over the past year and a halfish, including those that have given us awesome feedback and criticism: you've both helped us do better, and even set a better standard.

On that note The Witch and The Bard are on sale throughout February, so you can charm the pants off of others using your magic or words.

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