A Really Simple Dungeon Crawl: Art Preview

Here's a preview of some of the art I've been grinding away at for A Really Simple Dungeon Crawl (still thinking of a better, more concise name), in between drawing the cover for our upcoming Dungeon World class, interior art for A Sundered World (which Melissa is coloring), and yet more interior art for Fright Night.

I normally go with a Mignola look, but since this game is kind of aimed at kids I wanted to go for something different. During our last playtest we used minis from Super Dungeon Explore, which given the target audience seemed to fit.

The downside is that it means me learning a new art style (which in the long run is also an upside). Note that this isn't finished art. It's just where I'm at right now. I drew the top picture first, so means I'm going to have to change the hero to better match the second one (which I'm also much more satisfied with).

UPDATE: Here's where I am with the elf wizard.


  1. I like it, specially since its for kids!

  2. @Victor: Yarp! Though, to be fair I'm a huge Super Dungeon Explore fan, and the peeps I've shown the rules to are also itching to play it.

    @Svafa: Hoorays! It's my first time ever doing something like that. I was okay with the first one, much more pleased with the second. :-D


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