It's Christmas in July Over at DriveThruRPG

DriveThruRPG is running their Christmas in July sale, which means until the 31st you can get a bunch of stuff at 25% off.

We also opted into the sale, and while they missed a couple things (like The Golem) we went through our catalog and marked everything else down, too.

The bundle prices are unchanged, so right now it's cheaper to buy whatever you want individually.

We're hoping to get the updated version of If These Stones Could Scream out in the next few days, along with The Headhunter (the cover of which just needs to be colored by Melissa).

If we can get 'em out in time, they'll also be added to the sale.

Lichfield is available for public consumption. If you want a concise adventure with a Silent Hill feel, be sure to check it out!

We also just released Primordial Machine, so if you want to catch a glimpse of A Sundered World, now's your chance!

The Golem is our latest "monster" playbook, and the fourth to be made due to fan demand. Next up is The Rakshasa, followed by a few more that we're not ready to talk about just yet (one of which features yet another character sheet design).

The Dungeon World GM Screen is currently available in pdf and landscape insert formats. No matter which you choose, you get eight sets of pdfs that let you have access to the screen in both landscape and portrait orientation, in color or black and white, and with or without art.

We're waiting on the portrait inserts. Assuming they look good, they'll be available soon. They're now available.

Next up, mini screen!

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